Mama Dog With A Huge Belly Defies Everyone’s Expectations When She Starts Giving Birth

Giving birth is a beautiful experience, but it can also be scary… especially for a first-time mom! Suddenly, your body is going through things that are completely different than anything you’ve ever experienced, and in those moments, you must rely on your motherly instincts to tell you what to do.

This isn’t limited to humans, either. When one Staffordshire bull terrier mix named Diva first became pregnant at the old age of 13, her owners were stunned. They watched her belly grow to an enormous size, and they eagerly awaited the delivery of her puppies as she finally started to give birth.

But none of them were prepared for what Diva actually delivered…

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body and it can be stressful, especially for first-time moms. This goes for animals, too! When a Staffordshire bull terrier mix named Diva became pregnant for the first time at the age of 13—that’s about 74 years old in human years!—she seemed anxious about her body’s rapid changes. Neither she nor her owners had any idea of what was in store for them…

On the day Diva finally delivered her puppies, she seemed exhausted. Lying on towels and panting in the corner with her eyes closed, she waited as patiently as she could for her babies to make their entrance into the world.

It took a little while until Diva was ready to start pushing, but as soon as she got to her feet, she quickly gave birth to an adorable multicolored pup. Diva licked her little one until he was clean and ready to face the world.

Diva was about to lie back down when, suddenly, a second pup emerged! This one was entirely black. Diva’s human helped with the delivery and gently grabbed the pup before it dropped onto the towel below. Diva now had two precious puppies!

Diva’s owners knew she was weak, so they helped open up the second baby’s embryonic sac for her. They gently pulled the membrane apart and let Diva do her motherly duty of cleaning off the little pup.

Diva, not surprisingly, was exhausted from the experience. This was the first time she went through labor, after all, and she wasn’t used to the intensity of it all. So it was understandable that she laid down to rest while her two precious puppies fed.

Then, out of nowhere, Diva sat up again and looked anxiously towards her owners. They knelt down beside her, and to their disbelief, they realized she was giving birth to yet another puppy! They now had three new additions to their home!

Diva’s owners found a medicine dropper and filled it with water so they could give the newborn nourishment. Diva was too tired to help at all by this point, so her owners took it upon themselves to get the little guy situated.

Even though Diva already gave birth to three healthy pups, her story was nowhere near over. Watch the video below to see the incredible surprise that was in store! You won’t believe your eyes—and neither did Diva’s owners…

Diva’s owners are going to have one hectic household trying to take care of all those little doggies. Hopefully they can get some extra help because they sure have their hands full! What an unexpected miracle to witness firsthand!

She might be a first-time mom, but with all of those beautiful puppies around her, Diva looks like a natural. Congratulations, Diva!

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