Terrifying Unexplained Photos That Might Be Proof Something Is Out To Get Us

When something can’t be explained, it takes on an eerie quality that tends to make most of us feel uneasy. For some, that means looking for alternative explanations, while for others, it means embracing the fear of the unknown.

These creepy photos are simply too weird to be understood without proper context, and they’re causing everyone on the Internet to wonder just why they were taken—or what’s going on in them. Have fun trying to make sense of these 20 bizarre images!

1. Could this be one of the earliest recorded instances of creepy clowns documented via photography? Clowns aren’t technically supposed to be scary, but this group proves otherwise.


2. “I’m with the fire department.” Whatever this man might have to say about his getup, one thing is clear: he has no reason to be anywhere near fire of any sort. It’s great that he’s wearing protective headgear, but it looks like he forgot a few items.

3. At first glance this seems like a dingy photograph taken during a rehearsal for a school play, but then you notice that the figure’s face is covered with an eerie hood. If this is a play, it’s not one we’d want an encore for…

4. Most people would instinctively chalk this up to Photoshop, but if you look closely, you can easily see the edges of the latex masks covering these people’s faces. Now the only question remains: why? And is anyone else freaked out by the matching outfits?

5. The entire reason we wear shoes is to protect and cover our feet. Why on Earth would someone go out of their way to wear shoes that draw attention to their ugliness? What is the meaning of this?

6. It’s all fun and games until the kids get into Daddy’s special “mask collection.” But seriously, at what point in time did the makers of these masks think that they were anything other than traumatizing?

7. It’s hard to point out the strangest thing about this photograph. Not only is the presence of a cigarette unnerving, but this child is actually wearing a monocle while lighting up. And let’s not talk about that garish outfit…

8. We’ll preface this by saying that lawn ornaments are totally acceptable and fairly common. Who wouldn’t want to decorate their yard? However, this particular homeowner might want to stick to garden gnomes or frogs next time.

9. Though Facebook might be relatively new, taking embarrassing photographs that you might regret later has been en vogue for about as long as cameras have been around… and this photograph is proof!


10. Imagine finally cleaning out your attic, only to come face to face with this? Nope, nope, and nope. There is zero reason for anyone to be in possession of even one, let alone two, creepy vintage baby dolls.

11. Here’s hoping that this little girl just happened to fall asleep surrounded by her dolls. The other option is that they gathered around her once she nodded off, and frankly, that is too terrifying to think about right now.

12. It’s always a good thing for a child to wear protective gear when they are about to do something potentially dangerous—like play hockey—but wandering through a field like this is just plain creepy.

13. Lady, listen: if you’re skiing, that’s fine, but you’re kind of missing a crucial element here. If you’re ever concerned one of your neighbors has gone off the deep end, “skiing without skis” is one of the first signs to look for.

14. “Oh yes, Dean was a wonderful boy and he played the French horn like a fiend.” Fittingly, he’s still playing. Unfortunately, his sister was never much of a fan of his music, as noted by her conch shell earplugs.

15. They say that tuna is the “chicken of the sea,” and it’s hard to argue that notion when you see this guy sitting in the corner of your kitchen. Still, he might want to quit smoking…

16. Like many teens, Maxwell loved to lie down in the middle of the grassy field and daydream while gazing at the clouds in the sky. Unfortunately, he never left—and these hens found that he made for a great place to roost!

17. Ever been inside an old house and heard something creepy coming from beneath the floor? Well, you have every right to be scared… at least, if this photograph of a possessed doll found in this abandoned house is anything to go by!

18. If this image only depicted a young boy in a vintage photograph smiling for the camera, we’d say it was a sweet shot. But there’s something about being photobombed by a mysterious man in a space suit that’s too eerie to explain.

19. When a family sits down at the dinner table in order to capture a special moment on film, the last thing they expect is to look at that photo later and tremble in fear. Can you imagine getting this film developed and seeing this ghastly sight?

20. It’s really easy to forget just how small you are compared to everything else out there in the world. Nothing proves that more than taking a small boat out into the ocean… only to spot a giant sea creature underneath you. Yikes!

Who knows what was really going on in these photos? There are a lot of inexplicably creepy things out there, but if you’re anything like most folks, you probably feel better just not knowing!

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