Friends Who Find Old Boat Abandoned In The Woods Are Stunned To See What’s Hiding Underneath

Dogs have a great nose for trouble. They seem to find it no matter where it’s hiding—be it under the couch, along your most valuable possessions, or deep in the woods (watch out, squirrels!).

When a group of men headed off to a cabin for a bachelor party retreat, one of them decided to bring their dog along. Soon after arriving, the canine caught a scent and took off running!

When the guys finally caught up to her, she was transfixed on an abandoned metal boat near the cabin. The men then made a discovery that made them cancel their weekend plans altogether…

Any dog owner will tell you with the utmost confidence that their pooch’s sense of smell is far superior to any human’s. All it takes is a brief whiff of something unusual and they’re off to find the origin!

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