40 Celebrities With Surprising Hidden Talents That Nobody Would Expect

We usually associate celebrities as having singular talents—their professions essentially represent their most unique gifts. For instance, musicians are the most talented at singing and playing music, while athletes excel at their particular sports. No surprise there! Yet, as with so many people, there is often much more to them than meets the eye.

In fact, famous people often have some pretty amazing secret talents that you’d never know about otherwise. Luckily, some of them are making their “powers” public. Here are 40 of the most surprising hidden talents of your favorite celebrities…

1. Christina Hendricks: In the season three episode of Mad Men “My Old Kentucky Home,” Hendricks really did play “C’est Magnifique” on the accordion. That wasn’t a trick of the camera, either; Hendricks is actually a talented musician off-screen!

2. Margot Robbie: Robbie raised eyebrows with her tattooed take on the iconic Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but she’s usually on the other end of the tattoo gun in real life. She claims to have given tattoos to roughly 100 people over the years, including costar Cara Delevingne.

3. Snoop Dogg: This rapper may be largely known as an enthusiastic party-goer and troublemaker, but did you know he’s a big fan of sports? He spends a great deal of time coaching both of his sons’ football teams.

4. Pierce Brosnan: Since he starred as James Bond in four 007 films, it’s surprising that the producers never found an excuse to let Brosnan show off his actual fire-spitting skills!

5. Angelina Jolie: Amazingly, acting, directing, and producing aren’t Jolie’s only remarkable talents. She also earned her pilot’s license in 2004, and she even owns two of her own planes!

6. Jennifer Garner: The Alias star claims to be able to do “anything that a hillbilly can do,” which apparently includes everything from folk dancing to being a pro at the saxophone!

7. Steve Martin: With several albums to his name, Martin’s gifts as a banjo player are well-documented, though few would know it considering his acting and comedy career. With Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Awards under his belt, he’s one Tony Award win away from an EGOT.

8. Cara Delevingne: As if acting and modeling weren’t enough, this Suicide Squad star is also a surprisingly talented beatboxer. Once, she even showed off her talents to rapper Black Thought of The Roots on The Tonight Show!

9. Jennifer Lawrence: She may have a distinctive voice and a commanding personality, but this Academy Award-winner also knows how to apply the art of silence; she’s quite the talented mime.

Vanity Fair / YouTube

10. Matthew Perry: Growing up in Canada, Perry scored top ranks nationally as a junior tennis player. Of course, by the time he joined the cast of the mega-hit Friends, his priorities changed a bit.

11. Halle Berry: You may know her as the Academy Award-winning star of Monster’s Ball and four X-Men films, in which she portrays the superheroine Storm, but few know that Berry also plays the flute.

12. Geena Davis: Davis was 41 years old when she took up archery in 1997. The actress became so good at it that, just two years later, she was trying out for the 2000 Sydney Olympics!

13. Rupert Grint: While he’s not a wizard in real life like his Harry Potter alter-ego Ron Weasley, this Brit has plenty of other talents, including playing the banjo and didgeridoo. He also knows how to ride a unicycle!

14. Vin Diesel: Diesel is best known as a world-famous action star, but he also has a passion for video games. He’s even participated in the development of acclaimed titles like The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

15. Conan O’Brien: Growing up watching old black-and-white films, this comedian was compelled to enroll in tap dancing lessons. Luckily for us, he occasionally entertains his fans with these skills to this day!

16. Colin Farrell: Before making a name for himself in popular films like Minority Report, Farrell was a professional country-western-style line dancer in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

17. Heidi Klum: The beloved Project Runway host and world-famous supermodel hasn’t forgotten her Bavarian roots. This beautiful and talented woman is skilled at yodeling!

18. Justin Bieber: Some Beliebers are surprised to learn their favorite singer-songwriter is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist, but that’s not all he can do.The Biebs is also an expert with a Rubik’s Cube, and he can solve it in under two minutes!

19. Jessica Chastain: Chastain has no problem connecting with audiences in hit films like Zero Dark Thirty and Molly’s Game, but did you know she is also fluent in sign language? If acting didn’t work out, she could also fall back on interpreting for political figures!

20. Neil Patrick Harris: Much like his Barney Stinson character on How I Met Your Mother, Harris is a gifted magician. He’s even the president of the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle!

21. Eva Longoria: She may not have much of a reason to show it off when she’s so busy acting, directing, and producing, but Longoria’s aptitude as a clarinet player hasn’t decreased since her high school band days!

22. Christopher Walken: Acting can be a risky profession. Still, for Walken—who was once a lion tamer at just 16—it must be a regular walk in the park! (Word on the street is that he’s pretty good with a cowbell, too.)

23. Jamie Lee Curtis: Though she’s known for her acting, Curtis is actually an inventor. In 1987, she developed a diaper that comes with a special pocket to holds an extra wipe. Moms everywhere express their gratitude.

24. Taylor Lautner: Earning a black belt in karate at the tender age of eight, the Twilight Saga star went on to become a champion competitive martial artist. You might not want to mess with “Team Jacob” from now on!

25. Harrison Ford: Han Solo may be one of the galaxy’s most notorious pilots, but the actor behind the character is also a licensed plane and helicopter pilot! It makes you wonder if Ford has a craft called the Millennium Falcon at home…

26. Bruce Willis: The actor who virtually made Die Hard‘s John McClane a household name has shown little interest in keeping his talents as a harmonica player a secret. He’s even played in bands and released a few solo albums!

27. Susan Sarandon: Surprisingly passionate about ping pong, Sarandon went so far as to open a chain of table tennis clubs called SPiN in 2009 with her then-boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin.

28. Bob Dylan: One of the pioneering singer-songwriters of the 20th century, Dylan cites his childhood in Minnesota as the reason why he’s kept up with metalwork and welding as a hobby.


29. Mike Tyson: You’ve got to be pretty tough to participate in a sport that forces you to get punched, but this boxing legend has an even more unusual hobby: pigeon racing! Maybe he’s got a sweet side after all…

30. Tom Cruise: The seemingly ageless star is a skilled and passionate fencer. He even has a special room in his home to practice the sport; sometimes pals like David Beckham and Will Smith join in!

31. Ellen Page: It’s important for any entertainer to demonstrate an ability to juggle multiple projects, but not all of them are like the Juno actress, who can literally juggle!

viper18276 / YouTube

32. Leslie Mann: The This Is 40 star received a unicycle as a Christmas gift when she was just 10 years old. Sure enough, the hilarious actress still hasn’t lost her impressive ability to ride it!

Franz Richter / Wikimedia Commons

33. Patrick Dempsey: “McDreamy” himself can juggle like a few other celebrities on this list, but he has another little-known trick up his sleeve: he’s a race car driver in his free time!

34. Ed O’Neill: You may recognize him as the cranky paternal figure on shows like Married… With Children and Modern Family, but in real life, O’Neill is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

35. Andrew Garfield: Much like The Amazing Spider-Man himself, Garfield has demonstrated extraordinary abilities as a gymnast, even having done the sport competitively as a child!

36. Rachel Weisz: If she wanted to, this Academy Award-winning actress might be able to quit acting altogether and join the circus thanks to her hidden talent as a unicycle rider!

37. Jack White: Before his breakout success with The White Stripes, this prolific rock star was making a decent living as an upholsterer. He even named one of his first bands The Upholsterers!


38. Amanda Seyfried: It may not get the press that her acting does, but the Mean Girls star loves to crochet and knit in her free time. Not only that, but she’s also a talented singer!

mingey / Instagram

39. Kourtney Kardashian: She may be criticized as being “famous for being famous,” but the eldest Kardashian sister is a bonafide fashion designer. She can even stitch her own clothes!

40. Aaron Paul: This Breaking Bad star’s talent may not sound particularly useful, but it’s an incredible skill nonetheless: he can identify a dog’s sex by petting their backs! Just take a look…

These celebrities prove that there’s always more to people than what you may think. It’s no wonder they became so successful!

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