Guy Checking On His Pet Ducklings Finds The Last Thing He Ever Expected In The Nest

A mother’s instincts are a truly powerful thing. It doesn’t matter if the mother in question is human or animal, either; their love for their babies is just as strong. Sometimes, she’ll extend that same love and protection to others…

When a man from Australia discovered that his pet duck was hatching a nest full of ducklings, he was overjoyed. He knew his duck would be a great mother, but something happened that he never saw coming. One day when he approached the nest, he spotted a new “baby” in the mix—and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

When an Australia man named Rex learned that his pet duck had hatched ducklings, he was excited. He couldn’t wait to meet the little ones. But when he visited the duck house, he made an astounding discovery…

There, snuggled up in the cozy nest of ducklings and feathers, was none other than a baby bandicoot! Bandicoots are a type of marsupial native to the area, and Rex couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Although bandicoots are usually prey and not predator, these nocturnal creatures are omnivores. That means that, in the right circumstances, they could go after a duckling! Luckily, that wasn’t the case here.

Still, Rex was shocked at the sight. He would have been much less surprised to see a bandicoot in the nest attacking the ducklings, let one to find one cuddling up with them.

While bandicoots are relatively common in certain parts of Australia, it’s incredibly rare to find them curled up with another animal’s babies—like some newly hatched baby ducks.

These creatures typically dig burrows that they can live in during the day. They’re born into small communities that socialize and interact through connecting burrows.

 Knowing all this, Rex was surprised to see the bandicoot with his ducks. That was when he realized how the ducklings treated the imposter—and it made him really reconsider how the animal kingdom worked.

“The mother duck hasn’t taken offense to the little fella,” he noted. In fact, it looked like quite the opposite! As far as that mother duck was concerned, the little bandicoot might as well have been one of her own!

This mother duck took to the marsupial fairly quickly. Even as the ducklings began to grow, the bandicoot stayed put. The mother didn’t seem in any rush at all to boot this ‘coot from her nest!

The mother duck was even willing to make allowances for his species, content to let him rest during the day while she went on adventures with her other babies. Talk about an understanding mom!

At the end of the day, the ducklings and the bandicoot (Bandi, as he was called by Rex) spent plenty of time cuddling and sleeping. It was truly a sight to behold…

They might’ve been totally different species, but you couldn’t tell it based on how they interacted with each other. There was nothing but love between them! If they knew they were different, they definitely didn’t show it.

When these ducklings, their mom, and their adopted bandicoot brother were together, it was as if they were in the happiest place on Earth. Disney might want to make an animated feature of this unique family…

The mother duck tended to all of her babies—bandicoot included—with just as much love and affection as any mother would. There was no telling how things would turn out when they got older, but for now, it looked like the bandicoot was there to stay!

Rex had no plans to separate Bandi from his adopted family. How could he? You might be born into one family, but the one you choose on your own is something truly special…

Rex believed that Bandi was most likely an orphan, and the fact that he sought out and found another mother meant that this mother duck and her adopted son belonged together—plain and simple.

Have you ever heard of anything sweeter? In the wild, and under different circumstances, these two could have been total enemies. Instead, they became like family to one another.

If that didn’t warm your heart, you might need to check your pulse! Seeing how animals can overcome something like this to become friends and family for life should serve as an inspiration to humans, too…

From the smile on Bandi the bandicoot’s face, it was easy to see that he knew just how lucky he was. Bandi might not ever transform into a duckling, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t one at heart!

Here’s hoping that Bandi and his adoptive duck family continued to thrive as the years went by. That’s what family is all about, right? Thriving, loving, and having lots of fun!

Just look at how happy they are! It’s hard to believe that the bandicoot isn’t this duck’s natural offspring.

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