Doctor Stopping For Gas On His Way To Work Has No Idea Things Are About To Take A Fateful Turn

When you choose a career in the medical field, you quickly learn to expect the unexpected at all times. Emergencies can happen at all hours of the day, and you need to mentally prepare yourself to handle a crisis at a moment’s notice. Dr. Javier Soto experienced this firsthand.

The obstetrician, who works just outside of Merritt Island, Florida, pulled into the local gas station one night to fill up his tank before heading to work. That’s when a hysterical man suddenly approached him, and the doctor needed to make a split-second decision…

It goes without saying that doctors need to be prepared for anything—even when they’re not on duty. Dr. Javier Soto of Florida knows that all too well; he’s always hoping for an uneventful night. But at a local gas station one fateful evening, things would take an unexpected turn—and it would change his life forever…

Dr. Soto worked at Rockledge Regional Medical Center near Merritt Island, Florida, and he had been a practicing obstetrician for 13 years. He loved the satisfaction that came with his job, and he was able to build a great life for himself and his family.

On his way to one of his late-night shifts, Dr. Soto stopped off at a Speedway gas station to fill up. Suddenly, a frantic man rushed toward him. Dr. Soto stopped paused warily. What did this man want?

When the man first approached, the doctor was startled. The man was talking quickly and he seemed incredibly stressed. He was nearly in tears on his cell phone, and it was apparent he needed some kind of help—and fast.

The man asked Dr. Soto if he was a medical professional, and the doctor nodded hesitantly. He had no idea what the man wanted—or if it was some sort of scam. Either way, he wasn’t sure if his skills as an obstetrician would be of any help.

Then, Dr. Soto’s training kicked in. He knew he couldn’t just leave someone in need stranded. Even though he was scheduled to meet a patient at the hospital, he could rely on other staff members to oversee things

The man led Dr. Soto to the back door of his truck. The doctor had no idea what he was about to see when the door swung open, but he was always prepared to expect worst-case scenarios. Was Dr. Soto ready for what he was about to see?

The panicked man threw open the back door of his truck, and there, lying on the backseat, was the man’s girlfriend—and she was going into labor! They had frantically pulled into the gas station because the hospital was too far away.

At first, Dr. Soto thought about trying to comfort the woman until an ambulance arrived so she could receive proper treatment with medical tools, but as soon as he saw the baby’s head crowning, there was no time to waste. He needed to act quickly.

Dr. Soto instructed the soon-to-be-father to run into the Speedway convenience store and find scissors and rubber gloves. If he was going to deliver this baby, he would need a few basic tools to make sure it was as safe as possible for both the baby and the mother.

Dr. Soto realized there was a third person in the vehicle: the driver. He asked the man for one of his shoelaces, which he’d use to tie off the umbilical cord. It was a risk, but it was one the doctor absolutely needed to take if the baby was going to survive.

Typically, expectant mothers go through hours of labor. Miraculously, all it took was one hard push and the couple’s baby boy was born! Dr. Soto dried him with a towel and massaged him until he started crying. Although the delivery had been stressful, everything was going to be okay…

The commotion had caught the attention of other customers at the gas station. One man named Ahmed Rasheed was in awe of Dr. Soto’s quick and efficient actions. “It wasn’t just any doctor. It was the right doctor,” Ahmed said.

An ambulance arrived not long after the baby was delivered, and Dr. Soto stepped back as the EMTs took over the makeshift operation. They were all amazed at what a stellar job Dr. Soto did with such limited resources.

The paramedics carefully carried the new mother from the truck and placed her gently on a stretcher so they could transfer her into the ambulance. Finally, they were ready to make the journey to the hospital.

The mother was clearly exhausted by the ordeal, but she was incredibly thankful for everyone involved in the birth—especially Dr. Soto. If it wasn’t for his quick thinking, things might have ended up disastrous for the new parents.

Even though the delivery was a success, Dr. Soto still had to follow the ambulance to the hospital so he could perform a series of routine postnatal procedures on the mother. He wasn’t going to leave before all of the work was complete!

That’s when Dr. Soto realized something that made his jaw drop: the mother was actually a former patient of his! Because of an insurance problem, she had to switch clinics. It was an amazing coincidence that Dr. Soto ended up delivering her baby after all!

That wasn’t the only astounding realization either. As it turned out, the baby just happened to come into the world on the twelfth anniversary of Dr. Soto’s mother’s passing. The doctor saw the entire event not as just a coincidence, but as a true divine intervention from a higher power…

Dr. Soto will always remember that miraculous—albeit stressful—night at the gas station. He was fully equipped to handle the sudden emergency, and now one lucky family will remember the miracle he performed for the rest of their lives.

Some might call this outcome plain luck while others will say it was the doing of a higher power. Either way, the task Dr. Javier Soto performed was nothing short of a miracle!

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